Freshwater pearls contrast from other cosmopolitan pearls, in that the unprecedented prevailing piece of them are not spot nucleated. Freshwater mollusks are nucleated by making somewhat cut in the substantial mantle tissue of a 6 to 12 month old mussel, then embeddings a 3mm square bit of mantle tissue from a giver mussel. Upon insertion, the advocate, tissue is bended possibly, adjusting the edges. What happens after this point is positively essentially hypothesis. Others acknowledge the tissue molds with the host to make a pearl sac, while still others keep up the tissue is the genuine center. The mollusks are then returned to their freshwater surroundings where they are tended for 2-6 years. The following pearls are of hearty nacre, yet without a dab center to guide the advancement convert the pearls are on occasion faultlessly round. Are cultured pearls real?