As per the latest cnbc stream online is that president Barack Obama will on June 13 be visiting an Indian country. According to a report that was given by the president is that he will be visiting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe together with the first lady Michelle Obama in Cannonball, N.D. Back in the year 2008 during his presidential campaign he managed to visit the Crow Nation in Montana. He has not paid any other Indian country a visit since he became the president of the United States.As per the cnbc live stream is that the visit that will be taking place next week since Barack Obama moved in to White writing Obama said that with time he will be announcing the steps that his office will be taking to ensure that it supports education as well as jobs and self-determination in the Indian country.It was an emotional writing by the president according to the as he promised the Indian country that a new chapter is being written by the U.S despite the fact that there has been broken promises before. He told the tribal nations that tribal sovereignty will be respected, agreements will be upheld and every Alaskan and Indian Native who are ambitious in what they do will have a chance to get ahead. The us political forum online will keep you updated about his visit and other developing stories in the American politics.showscorner has ben excellent platform for the news world to cover the latest business news at your convenience.